Keeping Control of the Wedding Budget

Obviously you can spend as much money as you would like on a wedding, or on the other hand you can go to see the justice of the peace without telling anyone else. We want to have a compromise, a wedding that is not going to exclude too many people and is also going to leave us some money for the rest of our lives. Right now I have been talking with the people who operate a venue that hosts banquets in West Chester, PA and we are trying to figure out what is a reasonable sum to pay for that. Of course this is one of the big expense items and it is going to be a substantial part of the cost for any wedding which has a reception. In fact that would be the easiest way to just cut out a huge part of the cost of the wedding.

It works pretty simply, almost any place you hire for a wedding reception is going to charge you a per plate cost for each guest.

How to Cure a Hangover

When my husband used to drink, he would have some of the worst hangovers. It used to bother me, because even though he brought it on himself, I still didn’t want to see the man that I love to be in that kind of pain. His head would hurt so bad that he couldn’t even stand for the TV to be on. You would think that he would have learned, but he didn’t for a long time. His friends would tell him about different hangover products, but he never tried any of them because he wanted to take it like a man.

Grilling Tools and Accessories for Outdoor Cooking

grillingGrilling is an art that involves a lot of science, and is an activity enjoyed by the entire family. It involves cooking food―meat and vegetables―on high heat, causing lovely charred marks on the food. The aroma of freshly grilled steak and the pleasing colors of vibrant vegetables are a couple of things we all love about grilling. Traditionally, men have been associated with grilling; however, this is not the case today. Women are becoming equally involved with this form of cooking.

Cooking outdoors is a lot of fun, and whether you’re a novice or an experienced griller, grilling cannot be carried out without the right equipment. With the right tools, grilling can not only be carried out in a convenient manner, but also in a safe and healthy way. Let’s take a look at the different tools and accessories that you definitely need before you finally take your place behind the grill.

Essential Grilling Tools and Accessories

Depending on your personal preference, you can purchase a gas grill or charcoal grill. While both grill food to perfection, the gas version burns food in a more greener fashion. Charcoal grills emit carbon monoxide, thereby, polluting the environment. Moreover, while gas grills use liquid propane, charcoal grills use charcoal briquettes, hardwood chunks, or both. Besides these two basic types, there also exists the infrared and electric type. Choose one according to your preference. As far as size is concerned, it’s always better to get a grill that’s one size bigger than what you’re expecting to be sufficient. The bigger size will come in handy in the future, especially when you wish to expand your repertoire.

Note: Don’t purchase a grill with features you don’t think you’re going to use. A basic grill should keep you grilling away for a very long time.

Grill Grates
Grill grates form the cooking surface, and serve as a platform to place the food. Since their rods are spaced out, the food gets cooked by the flame, but doesn’t come in contact with the ashes. These grates come in different materials like steel, stainless steel, porcelain, or cast iron. A suitable grill grate would be one with strong, sturdy rods that will stand strong for the years to come. A cast iron grill grate is sturdy and holds heat for longer; however, it requires good maintenance. The porcelain-coated ones are also good, and maintaining them is easier.

Note: Cleaning and greasing are two important steps that need to be carried out with regard to grill grates. Clean and greased grill grates ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the grill and even result in lovely grill marks on the food.

Chimney Starter
Lighter fluid is dangerous, which is why chimney starters have gained popularity among the grilling community. This cylindrical equipment is based on the chimney effect, wherein paper is placed at its base and charcoal briquettes are placed above. The paper is lit using a lighter, which, in turn, lights the charcoal. Using heat-resistant gloves or oven mittens to hold, the hot charcoal is transferred into the grill.

Note: It’s good to invest in a chimney starter that can hold a lot of charcoal. Larger starters are efficient and take less time to light the grill.

Grill Basket
The whole purpose of purchasing a grill basket is to prevent smaller foods from falling though the grill bars into the coal. These baskets come with lids that lock the food in them, and allow you to cook smaller foods with ease. Their long handles enable you to flip and lift the basket easily. While there are several specialized grilling baskets designed to fit fish, corn, meatballs, etc., such fancy tools aren’t essential. Purchase the simple grill basket that will serve the purpose. If you’re into grilling a lot of corn on the cob or fish, then may be you can opt for their specific baskets to make things easier.

Note: If you don’t have a grilling basket, you can use skewers to hold small food items together. You can also use aluminum foil to make parcels and grill the food in them.

Grilling Tongs
Grilling tongs are not the same as kitchen tongs. These tongs come with long handles, simply because grilling involves a lot of flipping and standing near the hot coals, and long handles allow you to work without getting too close to the heat source. Tongs with a little spring in them are good, because they help get a better grip on the food. Besides flipping the food, tongs are also used to add wood chips, etc. However, make sure you have a different set of tongs for the two purposes. Heavy-duty stainless steel tongs are preferred because they are sturdy and durable. Moreover, don’t purchase tongs with forks at the edges. Forked tongs pierce the meat, causing the precious juices to escape. Tongs can also be used to oil the grill with the help of a paper towel.

Note: To avoid cross-contamination, use a different pair of tongs for handling raw and cooked meat. Otherwise, hold the ends of the tong over the fire to sterilize them.

Spatulas or Turners
You need a spatula to flip delicate foods on the grill. Large, flat spatulas are ideal because they’ll enable you to turn the food over, without causing them to break. Spatulas with deep offset handles help lift the food with ease. If you’re grilling fish, you need rectangular-shaped spatulas that will support the whole fish firmly, without causing it to bend and break. Never press your meat with the spatula. This will only cause the delicious juices to seep out of your meat, ultimately making it dry.

Note: Forks must not be used to turn food, because they poke holes that result in loss of precious juices.

Grill Brush
Several folks use grill scrapers to clean their porcelain-coated grill grates. However, this will only cause the porcelain coating to come off. Grill brushes are milder and serve the purpose of cleaning the grates. They come in brass and stainless steel and help loosen the food particles left on the grill grates, after grilling. Brass brushes are better, because they clean the grates without chipping them. The brush you purchase must be able to withstand heat so that it can be used to clean hot grates. A good grill brush will not have metal bristles coming off when you give it a firm pull. So, choose wisely, or else opt for wooden scrapers or grill floss to clean your grates. A clean grill is not only hygienic but also ensures lovely grill marks on the food.

Note: Make sure you replace your grill brushes regularly. Old brushes may cause metal bristles to come off and may even be ingested along with the food. This is potentially dangerous and must be avoided. Wiping your grill with a wet paper towel before grilling food can help remove any stuck bristles.

Basting Brush
The best way to add flavor to grilled food is by basting them with sauces or marinades during the last few minutes of grilling. You need a basting brush to apply the marinade or sauce onto the vegetables and meat. Purchase the silicone basting brush, because it’s much easier to wash and maintain and also leaves behind no strands, unlike the nylon- and boar-bristled brushes.

Note: If you can’t find your basting brush or don’t have one, you can bind a few lettuce leaves to form a natural brush and baste your food.

Meat Thermometer
Instant-read thermometers not only measure the temperature of the meats accurately, but prevent the embarrassing situation of serving undercooked or overcooked food on the table. A meat thermometer is important for health reasons, because consuming undercooked food can result in several foodborne illnesses. In fact, this tool is among the most essential grilling tools a barbecue chef should own. Compromising here isn’t allowed. While there are many fancy meat thermometers available in the market, a simple instant-read thermometer should do the job. If possible, get a digital one for accurate readings.

Note: Certain thermometers can be left in the food while it’s cooking; however, others must be inserted after cooking. So, make sure you know exactly which type your thermometer is.

Grilling Gloves and Mitts
Grilling calls for a lot of interaction with hot coals and hot tools. To minimize the risk of accidental burns, it’s important to invest in a pair of good quality gloves. Heavy-duty, insulated food gloves are ideal; however, thick mittens will do the job. Just make sure the gloves are sturdy enough to withstand the rugged demands of grilling. PVC-coated gloves are ideal for handling big cuts of meat, and help hold the hot meat while you carve it. Suede gloves are ideal to handle hot grill grates, shift coals, etc.

Note: Make sure you have a different pair of gloves for handling the coal and a different one for the food.

Kebab Skewers
Skewers are used to hold vegetables and meat cuts together. These days, you also get the flexible skewers that bend to fit into marinade bags. They can be left for hours in the marinade without the fear of rusting. The flexibility also allows you to maximize the space on the grill, to grill other foods side by side. Purchase these skewers only if you intend to prepare kebabs.

Note: If you’re using wooden skewers, soak them in water for half an hour before use, because flimsy skewers may catch fire.

Side Towel
While many overlook this simple tool, it’s a grilling necessity. You need to have at least 3 to 4 side towels before you can begin grilling. You’ll be surprised how these towels come in handy during your grilling endeavor. They are used to wipe all kinds of tools from forks, tongs, etc., to mopping up spills on the preparation counter. You can set one towel aside to wipe your hands.

Note: You can also use disinfected disposable cloth instead.

If you’re cooking at night, you need a grill light. If you have a source of light, you needn’t purchase a special grill light. The accessories will differ depending on the type of food you’re cooking. Don’t purchase accessories that you’re not sure of using. Until you get a hang of grilling and till your repertoire expands, stay clear of specific accessories. Once you’ve mastered the art and are ready to venture into different kinds of foods, gradually increase your accessory collection.

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Rare tea varieties that you should try

What makes a rare tea rare? When it comes to tea, the growing conditions affect its quality. Moreover, other factors including soil moisture, elevation, and age of the tea play a role in the quality of tealeaves.

The rare tea that you need to try including:

Ancient lotus green

This is a perfect tea for the people who appreciate a blend that is traditionally prepared. It is made from flowers that are carefully picked in Vietnam during the springtime. Artisans harvest the lotus blossoms by hand and blend them with green tea leaves using an ancient, old scenting method that gives life to the wonderful lotus green blend.

The tea is made in small batches to ensure that the flavor of freshly harvested lotus blossoms blends perfectly with the tea aroma to birth a gentle, crisp taste. A thousand lotus flowers are required to complete the natural scenting method and produce one kilogram of the original blend.

Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is a shade grown Japanese tea that is all natural. It undergoes several steps in the production cycle before it can be packed. These steps include shade growing, granite milling, and hand picking. Buddhist monks created it over eight centuries ago as a tool of meditation.

It is a premium and rare tea from Japan that is rich in antioxidants and provides drinkers with natural energy.

Malawi white tea

This unique and rare tea tastes very different from most teas. The blend is rich in antioxidants, making it useful when treating many health issues. The only place in the world that produces this unique white tea is Satemwa Estate in Malawi.

Rather than utilize the top leaves in the bud, the tea is made from the first 1-3 inches of the shoot, which are hand plucked once they start to show. Malawi white tea features a delicate sweetness and an intense floral aroma. You can steep this tea up to five times without getting rid of its unique aroma or flavor.

Bolivian organic black tea

This tea has a reddish brown color and a taste that may remind you of Ceylon black tea but with a smooth and fruity taste. To make the tea properly, you need to steep it for 4 minutes at 90 degrees. You can also serve it as an ice tea or latte.

South Korean green tea

This Korean tea features distinctive characteristics such as an aroma that you would not expect from green tea and an extraordinary nutty smell. The tea variety is usually spring picked and only produced on the coast of South Jeolla province. The standard grade of South Korean tea is smooth, full-flavored, and light-bodied. The sweet taste of this tea will convince even those who hate tea to give it a try.

Are these rare teas worth your time and money? You are the only person who can be the judge of this. Just make sure that you spend your money on original varieties, not the fake teas.

18 Vegan Appetizers Anyone Will Enjoy

Given the responsibility of offering the best catering Toronto, your choice of menu will depend on many things among them your budget and personal taste. Appetizers are key because they set the tone for your event. They are simple meals that can be used to give guests a good first impression. We’ve gathered some delicious treats to make choosing the right appetizers easy for you.

  1. A vegan tempura: This is a combination of carrots, snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms and green beans. It’s easy to prepare since most of the veggies don’t need any pre-cooking.
  2. Quiona spinach bites: These are made using quiona, spinach and garlic together with a honey dipping sauce.
  3. Colorful hummus: This is the perfect appetizer combined with your favorite veggies and chips. You need cooked garbanzo beans and sundried tomatoes together with spinach leaves to pull this off.
  4. Fresh spring rolls packed with veggies and served with tangy peanut sauce. This can be a practical appetizer to prepare in a rush.
  5. Frozen or fresh green peas can be used to make a guacamole. This is perfect for casual parties and you can have your favorite chips or bread to go along with.
  6. Baked polenta fries are also perfect for an appetizer. Make them light and crispy and you can have it with a home-made tomato sauce on the side.
  7. Take some left-over risotto and coat it in breadcrumbs with some yeast to get some tasty risotto balls.
  8. Prepare a vegan salsa with cucumber and zucchini especially during the summer when these ingredients are plenty.
  9. Roasted cauliflower together with nacho cheese are perfect for making a tasty vegan appetizer.
  10. Chickpea fries: Fry some chickpeas dipped in curry powder and chili. This is an ideal vegan appetizer to make you feel full fast.
  11. Vegan tofu and cranberries: A mixture of tofu, mushrooms, carrots and cranberries served on lettuce leaves.
  12. Tofu bites: Easy to prepare with readily available ingredients such as soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice.
  13. Vegan quesadillas: Prepared with vegan sausage, some cheese, mushrooms and cabbage.
  14. Vegan mushroom crostini: Uses dried porcini mushrooms to prepare a yummy appetizer dipped in rosemary lemon cashew cream.
  15. Tomato tarlets: These are oven roasted tomatoes filled with fresh ricotta.
  16. Stuffed baby peppers with yoghurt and floral honey: Raw honey has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  17. Crispy kale dipped in lemon-yoghourt: Roast kale with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. This healthy and crunchy vegetable chip can be served with a lemon-yoghurt dip.
  18. Leek and mushroom croquettes: The croquettes can be miniature for the appetizer and larger ones for a main course meal.

When preparing vegan meals, try and combine protein and fiber and you’ll feel fuller for longer. Slow roasting the veggies can help to remove the amount of water therein while at the same time adding flavor and making the texture chewier. For instance, roasting tomatoes makes them more savory. Make sure you add some chewy food in your appetizers too.


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Better Heart Health with Banana Bread

Better Heart Health with Banana Bread

We all love eating sweet things but restrain ourselves because we consider them unhealthy. This is not necessarily true. A few simple changes in the banana bread base will turn it into a healthy snack. Plus, banana bread allows experimenting with other ingredients that will make it even healthier but won’t spoil its deliciousness. Like those rich in vitamin K.

Find out which ingredients are rich in vitamin K and choose your favorite easy banana bread recipe.

Benefits of Vitamin K in Banana Bread


Vitamin K is important for blood clotting. It is also important for the synthesis of bone proteins.  Vitamin K deficiency symptoms include heart disease, cancer, weakened bones and tooth decay. Vitamin K levels depend on the health of your gut because this vitamin is naturally produced in our bodies.

There are two types of vitamin K – vitamin K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 is found in vegetables, whereas vitamin K2 is found in dairy products.

Consuming vitamin K rich foods is good for the following:

  • Heart health
  • Fight cancer
  • Reduce infections
  • Better bone density
  • Better oral health.

Changing the Base of Banana Bread


First things first, to prepare a healthy banana bread you need to change the base first. Just follow these easy steps to transform your banana bread into a healthy snack:

– Replace regular flour with whole wheat, oatmeal, coconut flour, almond flour or soy flour;

– Replace regular refined sugar with honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, agave syrup or stevia;

– Use unsweetened applesauce or coconut oil instead of butter.

Here are some suggestions for vitamin K rich foods you can use in banana bread:

First, you need to know that eggs contain vitamin K and since every banana bread recipe calls for one or two eggs, you have e good start there.

Fermented Dairy Banana Bread

Fermented milk products, also known as cultured dairy, are dairy foods that have been fermented with lactic acid bacteria. This fermentation process increases their shelf-life, improves the digestibility and enhances the taste. Fermented milk products are sour milk and sour cream.

Both can be added into banana bread for extra moisture and softness. The recipe I found, Peanut Butter Banana Bread, calls for 7 tablespoons of soured milk. You can make your own sour milk at home by adding a teaspoon of white vinegar in the milk and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Strawberry Banana Bread


My suggestion is to add a cup of fresh chopped strawberries into the banana bread batter. Pair with a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes to create a summery delight. You can also cover the loaf with vanilla-based glaze. Optionally add a tablespoon of chia seeds for some more healthiness and crunchiness.

Prune Banana Bread

Almost all prune banana bread recipes include walnuts as well. Add a cup of both, together with mixed spice and vanilla extract.


Dried Basil Banana Bread

Believe it or not, basil works very well in sweet treats. Try adding it in tarts, ice cream or banana bread. It is mild enough not to dominate over the bananas. Two tablespoons of dried basil will suffice. The recipe I use suggests adding a tablespoon of flaxseed as well, which is good because flaxseed is also a healthy ingredient full of omega-3 acids.

Other ways to include vitamin K in your everyday diet is to prepare savory dishes with green leafy plants like spinach, kale, cabbage, as well as salad greens and broccoli.



Halloween Pancake Recipe Ideas

Is everyone freaking out over the fact that today is Halloween? I know the frenzy has been around our house since the beginning of the month. But this week all we do is prepare this year’s masks and all the decorations and the Jack-o-lanterns.

This year my babies are going as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Yup, we are Batman fans around the house.

So I had this idea of waking my kiddos up to an awesome breakfast.

First I thought of a spider web cake, or spooky cupcakes, but after going to my favorite food site MyGreatRecipes to search for the recipes I got a totally different idea.

Pancakes for a Great Halloween Morning


Why not wake my girls up to some ridiculously good pancakes? I searched for American pancake recipes and found the best way to show the twins I love them (not that they don’t already know this, but still…)

I started off with my Harley Quinn inspired recipe.

Since we were not going for the Margot Robbie version (not really Suicide Squat fans), I needed a pancake stack that is going to be red and black.

So I decided to combine two of my favorite pancake recipes: The Oreo Cookie Pancake recipe and the Red Velvet Pancake recipe. Can you imagine how great these pancakes turned out to be? Vibrant red and char black pancake stack, that you won’t like to ruin by actually eating it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to take a picture, but next time I promise I will not let anyone touch their pancakes until I’ve taken at least 10 pictures.

Poison Ivy Inspired Pancakes


Prior to preparing the Poison Ivy inspired pancakes, I was a bit skeptical on how they would turn out to be, but in the end I kind of liked them a bit better than the previous ones.

I went for the Rainbow Pancakes recipe, only instead of making a colorful stack, I only used the green lime gelatin powder and combined the lemon and berry blue for a slightly darker green. I could have just as easily gone for the lime and make the whole stack one color, but I figured it would be a tiny bit more interesting this way. I went so far as to decorate it with some mint leaves for the ultimate Poison Ivy look.

My girls were thrilled when they saw their pancakes. There was a minute of expressing gratitude for having such a cool mama (yaaaay) and then they went on to eat their pancakes.

I must admit the very first thing my Poison Ivy did was get rid of the mint leaves, but that’s ok because they were there only as a part of the presentation acheter viagra sans ordonnance en france.

The twins said that they have never had a more delicious breakfast, and I loved the fact that they shared their pancakes (like they share everything). All in all, this was a great Halloween morning.

Eating Banana Bread Makes You More Beautiful

I am sure you have heard the phrase: beauty comes from the inside. I used to call it “the ugly people’s favorite phrase” and dismissed it immediately as an empty cliché saying. Well, turns out I was wrong.


Glossy hair, strong nails, and glowing skin are greatly dependent on the food we eat. Certain foods contain lots of nutrients that can make you prettier and these foods have been used by people for thousands of years. Have you ever experimented with olive oil on your hair or cucumber slices on your face? Stop right there. It is more efficient to eat these ingredients that simply smearing them on you.

And how about incorporating beauty ingredients into a sweet treat? We all love eating sweet things but restrain ourselves because we consider them unhealthy. This is not necessarily true. A few simple changes in the banana bread, for instance, will turn it into a healthy snack. A great cooking app is very important for this purpose. MyGreatRecipes has been very valuable for me because I taught which ingredients are good and its wonderful banana bread collection showed me how flexible banana bread can be. Double benefit!

Changing the Base of Banana Bread

Follow these easy steps to transform your banana bread into a healthy snack:

– Replace regular flour with whole wheat, oatmeal, coconut flour, almond flour or soy flour;

– Replace regular refined sugar with honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, agave syrup or stevia;

– Use low-fat or nonfat milk or yogurt for softness and moisture (almond, soy or coconut milk);

– Use unsweetened applesauce or coconut oil instead of butter;

– You can even ditch the eggs if you wish and use flax or chia eggs.

Here are some suggestions to add some beauty ingredients in banana bread.

Protein Banana Bread


Skin, hair, and nails are mostly protein, i.e. keratin, collagen and elastin. They reduce wrinkles and provide strength and elasticity. You can include protein in your banana bread through legumes, eggs and dairy.

Idea: Banana bread recipes usually call for one or two eggs, so that is a good start. Add ½ cup milk or yogurt for extra moisture and softness and add a cup of unsalted peanuts (legumes) plus a cup of chocolate chips. Mmmmm…

Omega-3 Banana Bread

The body needs fat, i.e. essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats. If you have a dry, itchy scalp or skin, you may have a deficiency of these fats. They are called ‘essential’ fats because our bodies can’t make them, so we need to eat them.

Idea: Add a tablespoon or two of flaxseed into every banana bread you make. Flaxseed oil is also an option that can replace butter in banana bread.

Iron Banana Bread

Tiredness and low energy levels can be symptoms of low iron. If you’re lacking in iron, it will show on the outside. Your skin will be pale or itchy, the nails will be brittle and you your hair will be dry and dull.

Idea: You can get iron from legumes and whole grains. I already mentioned that whole wheat is a better option than regular refined flour. There is also an idea above on how to use legumes (peanuts) in banana bread.

Nutty Banana Bread


Nuts contain some essential fats that are important for our looks. They also contain vitamins B and E.

Idea: Add a cup of any nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, macadamia…) into your banana bread. Spice with cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg, and add some vanilla extract or combine with chocolate chips.

Vitamin C Banana Bread

Vitamin C is essential to make collagen, the fibrous tissue of the body that gives support and shape. As we age, the skin loses collagen. Collagen is also lost when we smoke or lie in the sun, so avoid these two. Vitamin C acts as antioxidant and slows aging and skin damage.

Add at least one cup diced oranges or kiwifruit to the banana bread batter. Or choose ¼ cup orange juice and orange zest or a few tablespoons lemon or lemon zest.  You can also prepare a citrus-based glaze to put on top of the loaf.

Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A Banana Bread


Beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A, can be found in all colorful fruits and vegetables, like carrots, pumpkin, and spinach. They are very good for our skin, as are egg yolks.

Idea: Add a cup of pumpkin puree or diced carrot to the batter. Add cinnamon and ginger and some nuts. For a real sweet delight prepare some cream cheese frosting to pour in between two banana batter layers before baking or on top. Sprinkle some chopped pecans on top.

Feel more beautiful already? I know I do 🙂

Using Proper Food Trays Can Improve Services

Food trays are one of the most useful packaging materials, which are used almost everywhere. Restaurants can actually improve their quality of service, if they use the right kind of food trays. These trays are made of glass or plastic and are available in a number of styles, shapes and sizes. The purpose, however, of all these trays remains the same – to store food. This versatile nature of these special trays is highly beneficial for users and explains their high demand.

These trays have special importance in the food and beverage industry. These are widely used at homes and in restaurants too for storing and serving food products. Using the right kind of trays is helpful for users in a number of ways which includes better services to customers which means better credibility and reputation.

Different Styles and Shapes – Customers Feel Good

If you serve all food items in the same kind of tray – same size and shape, it tends to get a bit boring. Moreover, similar shapes and styles of the trays will not be advantageous since different food products require different types of presentation. You can serve cookies and soup bowls in the same tray, but it is not going to look good. Similarly, tray size depends a lot on the quantity which is served. Thus, businesses serving the food industry try to use trays of different sizes and shapes for customer satisfaction and so that they feel good.

caseCustomizable For Versatility

Food trays can be easily customized as per the purpose of use. You can select a tight fit design as per the food you need to store or a wide open design as per your requirement.  There are several trays which have special handles or the lids easily snap in place. This means you can close them quite easily whenever you wish. When customers are served food in these special trays, they find them quite convenient to handle. They can carry them smartly without having to worry about spilling the content. These trays can be easily stored so that they can be used later on. Whenever your customers feel the convenience of using a product, they will feel satisfied and get back in using it.

Holding Bulk Items

Plastic trays are lightweight and portable. These are suitable for holding bulk items, especially in parties. Thus, these are quite popular in events, gatherings and parties where a number of different snacks need to be served. These food trays are perfect for serving items like cookies, chips, nuts and fruits. Chocolates can also be served in individual plastic trays. These are specially made trays which help in keeping individual pieces of chocolates separated from one another. In this way, the candies and chocolates will not jostle in the box much to the convenience of the users.

Stylish and Elegant

Food trays look stylish and elegant in every way. They are available in a variety of colours, shapes and styles which makes them convenient to use. Spread all your favourite goodies in these trays and decorate your table – your guests are simply going to love them. You will be appreciated for your great hospitality.

We love to use anything that looks different and stylish. Buy a variety of your favourite trays and use them as per your convenience. Your customers will be happy and satisfied.

Using Custom Metal Fabrication For The Perfect Food And Beverage Equipment

Businesses that handle food and beverages have to meet strict hygiene regulations. Failure to do so can result in significant financial penalties. In worst case scenarios, a business may even be closed down by the authorities.

In many instances, problems in complying with the regulations are caused by the limitations in working space or equipment, rather than in any deliberate attempt to bypass regulations. Businesses may try to install prefabricated equipment or machinery in areas that are unsuitable. This can make access for cleaning and maintenance difficult, or it can hamper operatives who need to use the equipment. In some cases, trying to squeeze prefabricated equipment into an inappropriate space can be a safety hazard. One option worth considering for businesses that are struggling to keep to high standards is custom metal fabrication.

Almost every type of device involved in processing, cooking or packaging, storage, dispensing or food preparation can be purchased prefabricated. The problem is that the dimensions or shape of the areas into which these have to be placed may make it difficult to fit prefabricated units in a way that allows for efficient operation.

Use of space can be maximized by choosing custom metal fabrication. Products used in food and beverage handling can be manufactured to suit a particular room or area, or to help make any process run more smoothly where there are existing inefficiencies. Experts from a fabrication company can draw up designs that will make everything fit exactly, maximizing use of space. They can also design equipment to suit a business’s specific processing needs.

The best companies can provide a complete service, from initial consultation to fabrication and welding. Where appropriate, the custom units can be manufactured and assembled off-site before being installed in the client’s location. Alternatively, some of the fabrication and welding can be done on-site where circumstances dictate.

What is custom metal fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the manufacturing and processing of metal-based items to customer specifications. In the food and beverage industry, stainless steel is one of the most widely used metals. It is ideal in this environment because it is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. It is also very easy to keep clean.

A custom fabrication facility has all the equipment necessary to work on a variety of metals to prepare them for implementation in machinery, piping, surfacing and various other objects. Building custom metal objects can involve cutting, bending, grinding, stamping, welding and many other operations.