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18 Vegan Appetizers Anyone Will Enjoy

Given the responsibility of offering the best catering Toronto, your choice of menu will depend on many things among them your budget and personal taste. Appetizers are key because they set the tone for your event. They are simple meals that can be used to give guests a good first impression. We’ve gathered some delicious treats to make choosing the right appetizers easy for you.

  1. A vegan tempura: This is a combination of carrots, snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms and green beans. It’s easy to prepare since most of the veggies don’t need any pre-cooking.
  2. Quiona spinach bites: These are made using quiona, spinach and garlic together with a honey dipping sauce.
  3. Colorful hummus: This is the perfect appetizer combined with your favorite veggies and chips. You need cooked garbanzo beans and sundried tomatoes together with spinach leaves to pull this off.
  4. Fresh spring rolls packed with veggies and served with tangy peanut sauce. This can be a practical appetizer to prepare in a rush.
  5. Frozen or fresh green peas can be used to make a guacamole. This is perfect for casual parties and you can have your favorite chips or bread to go along with.
  6. Baked polenta fries are also perfect for an appetizer. Make them light and crispy and you can have it with a home-made tomato sauce on the side.
  7. Take some left-over risotto and coat it in breadcrumbs with some yeast to get some tasty risotto balls.
  8. Prepare a vegan salsa with cucumber and zucchini especially during the summer when these ingredients are plenty.
  9. Roasted cauliflower together with nacho cheese are perfect for making a tasty vegan appetizer.
  10. Chickpea fries: Fry some chickpeas dipped in curry powder and chili. This is an ideal vegan appetizer to make you feel full fast.
  11. Vegan tofu and cranberries: A mixture of tofu, mushrooms, carrots and cranberries served on lettuce leaves.
  12. Tofu bites: Easy to prepare with readily available ingredients such as soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice.
  13. Vegan quesadillas: Prepared with vegan sausage, some cheese, mushrooms and cabbage.
  14. Vegan mushroom crostini: Uses dried porcini mushrooms to prepare a yummy appetizer dipped in rosemary lemon cashew cream.
  15. Tomato tarlets: These are oven roasted tomatoes filled with fresh ricotta.
  16. Stuffed baby peppers with yoghurt and floral honey: Raw honey has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  17. Crispy kale dipped in lemon-yoghourt: Roast kale with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. This healthy and crunchy vegetable chip can be served with a lemon-yoghurt dip.
  18. Leek and mushroom croquettes: The croquettes can be miniature for the appetizer and larger ones for a main course meal.

When preparing vegan meals, try and combine protein and fiber and you’ll feel fuller for longer. Slow roasting the veggies can help to remove the amount of water therein while at the same time adding flavor and making the texture chewier. For instance, roasting tomatoes makes them more savory. Make sure you add some chewy food in your appetizers too.


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